The Beginning…..

First blog… lots of pressure to be amazing… I got this. I hope.

Well, where to start? I see personal stories mixed with lifestyle. I see funny stories wrapped up with inspiration. I see a peek into our family everyday life and struggles. The vision will become reality with the beginning of this blog. Any tips? 

My heart says spill it all on the page now but my head says there’s more to life than words on a page…

Ok here I go… the beginning of it all, or at least the beginning of married life.

I was married 4 years ago in the Edmonton Alberta Temple.


It was beautiful. I was 23 and wanted a baby, but instead life gave me a lemon and my little family had a major crisis; I’ll call it ‘liv’ing large.

1 year into marriage: the medical problems worsen, my personal life is completely changed in a matter of days, and of course life is full of budding trees… Let me just say that pulled pork is a roller coaster of emotion.

2 years into marriage: Calgary becomes new, again. Fresh air is all I need, and medical drama continues to shake things up.

3 years into marriage: Will the medical problems ever end? Our family starts to plan and prepare for another big change.

4 years into marriage: New life pops in, diploma of all time and another major medical problem comes to light.

Year 4 is just beginning, stay up to date and feel free to ask questions. I want to help and inspire through the trials we have had in our life. Life is full of lemons and everyone can get through it.


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