Liv’in Large : part 2

 To donate or not to donate that is the question

Just starting out in the world is hard as newlyweds, but starting out not knowing if our children would have a grandpa? Not something I would ever want. In the back of our minds we knew there was a chance to save him, but at what cost?

Our financial situation was almost in the negative, my husband was on track to finish his university degree and now we had this choice. We had nothing but the priceless liver to give.

Yes or no. It all came down to one question. Yes or no? Would we sacrifice it all to save a life or just try to keep our head above the water? Would we postpone life opportunity, money, career and maybe even family to give his dad a few more years? What if a cadaver liver was found instead? Could we wait? Should we wait?

This is major surgery we are talking about. I could be a widow at 23. My husband could be fatherless if we don’t.

Yes or no?


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