Liv’in Large : part 3

 Where have all the good ones gone?

A liver seems like a small price for a life. It could also cost a life or two.

My husband fought long and hard with all the questions that would decide our fate. Eventually he decided that, to repay his father for all of his sacrifices, this was the only way he could ever do that, even if it was his last act of life. My husband comes from a long line of amazing men that would sacrifice anything for their family. That’s part of the reason I married him. I knew that our family would succeed and thrive because of that type of sacrifice.

When he said yes I was still a bit lost in my own feelings. There was so many unexpected tests and travel and it was weighing me down. In my heart I knew this was all supposed to be, but my head just needed time to catch up. I was ready when the date in May 2013 finally came but I was not expecting what came next.


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