Liv’in Large : part 1

 The match

Livers can regenerate. What? I didn’t know that until that fateful day when my father-in-law needed a new one. Cancer… why is it so hard to hear past that word? When it comes out of his mouth that’s all that I hear. It took a few days to truly understand and take in, then came the action. My brand new husband and some of the family members step up to the plate to get tested to match his father’s liver. I thought you could only give a kidney and still live, but apparently you can give a chunk of your liver too. Test results?

Test 1. My husband is a match.

Test 2. Match.

Test 3. Match.

All of the tests lead up to the MRI…. The scan that tells us it’s a perfect donating liver inside my husband. It was hard to think of any other option than to give it to his dad after hearing “it’s almost as if your liver is a perfect match”, but not everything was in our favour.



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