Pulled Pork

The months, the years, they all fly by with only the slightest of memories of when and where specific things happen. But some things are never forgotten.

We were preparing for the biggest thing in our lives and now on top of it all I was sick. Sick with the Egyptian flu. The type of flu that last nine months and you turns into a mummy. That’s right, I was pregnant! Yay… ish.

I have always dreamed of having my very own squishy baby and here it was and all I wanted to do was sleep and cry. Why was everything all happening at once? When do we get a break?

The day before the Surgery we got the confirmed test. It changed a little about how we looked at the surgery but we still felt confident all would go well.

The day of the surgery started at 7am. I was so tired and slept the whole day away. Lunch was a disaster, I was stressed and the smells were really getting to me. I could smell pulled pork… It smelled so good, and that’s about as far as the goodness went… I was so stressed and now sick that I was really wishing to be out of the hospital already. It was only day 1, how was I going to survive?

I wanted to be there when my husband woke up so I rushed to the waiting area where they said he was going to show up after the surgery. I starting waiting at 4pm when they said it would be done but they didn’t tell me anything until 9pm. After all that worry and waiting I was able to see him. I felt so sick. Physically and mentally seeing my husband like that.

Our family is so very lucky to have both men survive this surgery and we knew it was going to be a long, hard recovery road that we would all have to endure.


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