Birthday Drama


When I first met my husband I was 14 and so was he…

I went to a youth dance and there he was, love at first sight. Not quite. We shared a dance and got talking about life, and I mentioned it was my birthday and his reply was “me too!”

Yeah right!

There was no way he was going to steal my birthday celebration with false accusations. I responded as any lady-like woman should and demanded proof. He then proceeded to show me his driver’s license. At that moment I was so frustrated with what that little piece of plastic told me that I turned and walked away. That boy had the nerve to spoil my birthday with his and flash his driver’s license to prove it! How could he do that to me?!

In British Columbia, driver’s licenses were not available until we were 16. So imagine my jealousy.

Thank goodness he and I got over that little spat and met up years later to become best friends and later still, be husband and wife.

People are still in shock sometimes when we tell them our birthdays are the same day, year and only a few hours apart (I am older). The only thing that would push this story over the top would be if we were born in the same town.

If there is any take away from this story it is to be kind to everyone, you never know who you will marry and what stories they may already have against you.


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