Bucket list of the day

Going to bed each night I start the list. The list of things you would love to get done. It usually starts with the things that didn’t get finished during the day and ends with the things you always want do but never actually get to do.

My list goes on like this:

1.Put away the mountain of laundry that is washed and sorted.

Daily I do laundry. Eat, sleep, play, and poop are all visible on their clothing. So I wash dry and pile high. Until that mountain of clothing gets taller than me, then I sort. The sorting of said clothes goes on for days and by the time it is done a new mountain of clothing appears. I never do actually get around to putting it away before the newly clean clothes need a place to be. Therefore every night there it is, on my wish list of things to get done tomorrow.

2.Clean the bathrooms.

Bathrooms, that one room in the house you truly want nothing to do with cleaning. I look at it and it does not look too hard to clean so I add it to the list. Just a bit of garbage and organization I say to myself, but when I wake who wants to even spend that much time in a room that no one spends a lot of time in? I don’t have guests over. I don’t mind the mess. Still I take out the garbage. As for anything else it’s just too much to think about at one day. I give up half way through and add the other half to tomorrow’s list. I feel happy inside thinking of tomorrow with only half left to do. My true self is laughing because tomorrow never comes. (Funny thing is my husband reads this list and was shocked that bathrooms are actually on my list. Guess I pull it off well)

3.Finish washing the dishes that were washed in the dish washer the night before.

Loading the dishwasher I think to myself, wow I am being proactive on tomorrows little jobs, and go to bed. As I am falling asleep I realize that there was some really stuck on food from my 2 year olds lunch. Great… now I have more to do. Adding to my list I dread even opening the dishwasher. I know there will be all clean dishes, all except that one or two that need a good soak and rewash. For that very reason I keep the dish washer closed. I have more dishes to use, and if I run out of bowls there are always mixing bowls or my toddler’s plastic ones. Dishes can wait until tomorrow, or until my husband gets home.

4.Bake something amazing

I love Pinterest! I really like baking too. Not always a good mix when I hate waiting so long for any food. Then there is the time spent on gathering all the things needed to make one stupid creation. It’s enough to keep me out of the kitchen most days. Of course homemade is so much better than just buying it at the store, but I don’t wash their dishes. My dishwasher is already full of the clean dishes. Where will the dirty ones go? And why do I have to use measuring cups that also need to be washed. I think instead, I will just sit and pin some more, until one day I do conquer the kitchen and bake (or I will leave it to the pro moms out there.)

5.Teach my 2 year old everything (or anything)

The list of teaching is so overwhelming. So many things they need to know to become amazing. Kindness, gratitude and love; ABC’s, numbers and colour’s. Oh and don’t forget to teach them good manners and safety. The list of things could go on forever that it’s hard to pick just one or two or all…My mind just blows up trying to think of all the things that need to be done to make my child …well just like me, but better. I pin things. I print them out and then they sit. Undone work pages and crafts. My house is full of paper. My intentions are good, I try hard to get them done but the time just slips away. So on the list it will stay.


The bucket list of each day usually ends up the same but I know one day it won’t matter at all. My family is happy, safe, clean and well taken care of. The list can wait for tomorrow.

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