Why would you choose lemons?

The lemons of life never stop coming, but what if you had the choice?

What if your whole life was full of lemonade? How would you feel? Would you truly be happy?

The thoughts that run through my head are very similar to the movie stepford wives, all are happy until someone has new ideas or want to be different. Then the plot is full of frustration of either trying to fit in or to figure out the perfect combination to make life easy. The world is not as it seems. The perfect reality is faked. We can’t be perfect, nor can anyone else. No one is immune to hard trials.

In the real world it’s hard to see the positive outlook on the trials we have before us. The lemons of life are so daunting at times that you just want to give up. Crawl into that nice warm bed and watch Netflix for days. That would be so ideal at times, but life cannot always be like that.

In a lightning storm dark clouds cover the sky. The lightning flashes are seen from so far away, a blink and it’s gone. Life feels like that sometimes. The darkness of the trials we face seem to be the whole sky. Sometimes the lightning flashes are missed by some while others can see all the flashes and choose to be excited and wait for them instead of focusing on the darkness that surrounds.

Maybe no-one actually chooses the lemons but we do choose what we do with them. We choose our reaction to all things and it’s the hard times that truly define us, add character, and force you to see what you are made of. Some may choose to make lemonade and see the bright side to every problem. There are bright sides but it may take time to actually see it. During the very worst sometimes only dark clouds are seen. That’s ok too.

My life started out all sunshine then the clouds rolled in. It took me years to actually see the lightning (or little blessings) in my life, but when I did it was hard to go back to the dark space. Through the help of friends, family and even many strangers the darkness or trials can be lighter. The lemons do keep coming but we choose how we want to view them and how they will change us for the next lemon coming our way.

The storm always clears.

In all my writing I want to share things to inspire others that the hard times do not last forever. There are happy moments even when struggling through the hardest of times. I am young and I have been there. I have had many life experiences that are hard and seem to overtake everything I am. I know there is hope. There are still lemons but there is also lemonade to be made. We can choose.


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