I love being me but sometimes wish to be…

Don’t get me wrong I love being me. I am happy, loved and surrounded by family. What else could I want?

Growing up I have always wanted to have a more adventurous soul. I dream of traveling the world someday. I want to visit new places and meet new people. I want to have stories of success in other countries. I want to experience other cultures and types of living.

But I have one major setback for that type of life style. I am kind of afraid of meeting new people… Yes, I know people are great. I hear that through many stories, but in those stories first they have to talk to those people. I am not that brave. When I was younger I really had a hard time talking to people, I couldn’t even call to order pizza. My younger, braver, sister would have to make the call for me and meet them at the door.

My sister is so amazing. Even at a young age she was amazing at meeting new people. She is so brave. She thrives on adventure. My sister just got back from 2 months in New Zealand. 2 months! I could never be away that long. She lived there with her boyfriend in a van (my ideal way to experience a new country) and they loved it. the vanShe loves to explore and try new things. Bungee jumping, outdoor festivals, New 13and swimming in shark-infested water is just a few of the adventures she has been through.New Z1 I am positive there are going to be many more. My sister is a trail-blazer in our family. She also went to college and has lived in many different places.

As a big sister I am so proud of her and all she has done for herself. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without her and her love of life and adventure. She truly makes me want to be better. Because of her I know my children will have an amazing example to look up to. She is brave, confident, and full of love for those around her. I am so happy she is a part of my amazing family.

I sometimes wish to be more adventurous, but I think I will leave that to my sister to carve that path. I will lead the way as a loving mother of my children.



**Extra credit to my very talented sister for providing me with her New Zealand pictures.


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