10 must haves in my diaper bag (other than diapers and wipes).

I love to be prepared so I have my bag sorted and packed every day, especially with the surgery coming up. Ideally I would like to just put the kids in the car and have everything I need in the diaper bag.

Every night I refresh it to be sure it’s packed for our needs in the moment. For example, when my youngest had thrush, I had in my bag the medicine needed along with 3 syringes and 2 sanitised soothers. (If you have never had a run-in with thrush, it is not fun at all and needs a lot of attention and sanitised equipment to fully get rid of)


Now that my littlest is better the diaper bag is refreshed, but there are some things in my bag that I always stick to no matter what (and other than diapers and wipes).

Sippy cup

Snacks (for me and the 2 year old)

Clean jammies for both kids

A good book

Colouring things

My 2 year olds fav toy

Medical info for all

Phone charger


Sun block/umbrella

When you assess your diaper bag needs don’t count this list out. For instance you may think you don’t need a sippy cup when there are so many places to buy water, but if your child is like mine and you try to get them drinking out of your bottle, they may not want to drink from the parent’s bottle or may have just small amounts because you are in control of holding the bottle. With the sippy cup, not only will my 2 year old drink more at their own speed, but when we go out we know it won’t be spilled all over the table or the floor. We like to keep water in the sippy cup in case she needs it or to water down any juice we do choose to give her.

I am always sure to pack an extra outfit. My outfit of choice is jammies, because truly what’s cuter than toddlers in onesie’s. Some of you may not think you still need to pack clothes for your 2 year old, but you never know what mud puddle they will end up jumping in.

I love love love reading so I plan on taking a book with me everywhere. I read when I wait, or if the kids are napping and I am too lazy to move them. I use to play games on my phone, but then I would end up with a dead phone too. Not fun when you are waiting on anything.

When you go out to eat with children they usually give out a colouring book and crayons and my child loves it. I started collecting them because they would just toss them when my kid was done. They are small and usually have cute little crayons. I have crayons and stickers in a zip lock alongside the colouring pages to make any wait better for my little one.

My child has one favorite thing a day, usually. It’s mostly something random that they had just rediscovered, so the night after it is made the favorite it is in the diaper bag for the next day. Keep it small and limited so you don’t have a bag of toys that they never play with. With my 6 month old I have 2 hanging toys attached to her car seat.

Medical info may not seem like a must in your bag, but it is in mine. I like to have all my ducks in a row for this one just in case I can’t remember all I need to. In the medical info I have blood type, allergies and any medications any of my family members use on a list, along with immunisation records and anything else I can think of for each person. My thinking is if I can’t let the doctors know what they need, someone will not see that important information and then would be unable to make the best medical decision for whoever needs it.

A phone charger will always be at the top of my list. During my husband’s first emergency surgery my phone died right as we entered the hospital so I could not call or tell anyone what was going on and that I needed help. It was very hard to figure out, and since then I have had a charger in my diaper bag just in case I need it (and a car charger too in case there are no plug-ins).

Sunglasses are optional but still make any drive so much easier and safer. I keep them in my bag instead of my car so I don’t have to go back to get them in my car.

In Calgary this summer the weather has been hot one minute and hailing the next. For this reason my diaper bag is ready for the drastic change in weather. Sun block is always a good idea even if it’s not that hot (my husband said that getting sunburned in the dead of winter is actually over 50% easier as the UV light reflects off the snow on the ground!). I would hate to have a burnt child.

When all is said and done this list may not work for your diaper bag, mine is pretty big, but just assessing every day the need for the things in your diaper bag will help you be more prepared for anything that comes.

And don’t ever forget diapers, wipes, and cream (if needed)!


Please comment and tell me what is in your diaper bag. Like, share and follow if you like what you read. Your feedback is so important to me. Thank you!


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