The nights that turn into days

Late nights before kids.

When you know you have no obligations in the morning, you want to stay up and do more fun things later and later.

Once you do decide to go to sleep, you get to sleep from then until when you decide to wake up.

When you have an especially late night, you tell your friends – it leads to a good laugh and even maybe a crazed and impressed look in their eyes just by how well you function on so little sleep.

When you plan staying up late, well, you know the next day you can just sleep.

If you don’t catch up on sleep the next day you can any day you choose.


Late nights as an adult or a mother.


When you know that tomorrow may be the same as today, you want to be well rested to keep up.

When you decide to go to sleep you also have to figure out when you have to wake up next to love/ feed your baby. Or you go to sleep not knowing when your little person will decide to wake you and for how long in the middle of the night and how many times.

When you tell people they feel bad for you and try to be understanding. They, too, are impressed with how you function.

The next day is no rest. You just have to carry on.

You never really catch up on sleep.

us sleep

Some nights last so long they turn into hard days.

Being a mom is hard but so worth it. We all go through the tough times and we make it to the next day. We carry on when its hard and that is our choice. It may not seem like a choice, but it is a choice to be a good mom when our babies need us.


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