Short and sweet with a quick update.

This week has been amazingly crazy.

As I sit in my husband’s uncomfortable hospital bed, he is down on the main floor getting test after test trying to figure out what’s going on in his body. This has been a very long week for our family.

The main surgery went amazingly! The next day, after surgery, he was up and walking around as if he never had a surgery at all. It was so impressive to see.

As the days followed, however, his fevers rose to dangerous heights and has lead to a longer stay in the hospital. The surgeon is amazing with us and is working tirelessly, along with the rest of the team, to figure out why he is having fevers at all.

As for the actual surgery part of things, the incision is almost a scar, the hernia is fixed, and no further complications are predicted at this time.

I am very pleased and just want to take my healthy husband home (and after they’ve figured out what is creating the fevers).

After as many tests as he has had, we are hoping that is very soon.

As far as postings for my blog, they will probably be short and sparse for the next week, followed by my new “happiness” series coming September 5th! I am so excited to share it and many more posts to come.



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