I am so addicted to cake! I love it anytime of day, for no occasion at all. (This is literally just a post about cake.)

Just recently (during my husbands stay at the hospital) I had that cake-type craving… again. So I went to the store and debated: should I buy myself my own cake or just a cupcake?

Cupcakes are just not the same in my book. They may have the same ingredients and everything, but there is just something about cake that makes it far more superior. Maybe it’s getting just the right frosting-to-cake ratio. Maybe cupcakes could get off the naughty list if they came without the wrappers. Am I that lazy? (Probably.)

So as I debated, I shopped for more things I didn’t need and ended up back at the cake counter. I finally made my decision and chose a cake to take home. It was bigger than I planned, but I justified it with the fact that I needed something yummy and special to eat when I was done putting the kids to bed on my own. Yep, that’s good enough for me.

The check-out lady asked me if I needed a candle and I thought to my self, “do I need to pretend it’s someone’s birthday? or should I spill that it’s stress that causes my cake craving to go crazy?” I pretended it was my daughters birthday, but didn’t get a candle. Thinking back, I should have got a candle, you never know when you’re going to need a candle…

A few days into my cake, I realized that I would not be able to eat it all.

I started giving it away to anyone that was willing to come over. First it was a few friends that came over to help me clean up. Then it was others who brought over food to help me out. By the time my husband came home the cake was gone.

I was happy to share, but when my cake was gone I still had the cake craving. Oh well, I am sure there is a ‘birthday’ right around the corner.

via Daily Prompt: Cake


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