New year, new me?


Many people, including myself, set goals or new year resolutions that they strive to meet throughout the year. Half-way through the year (or even earlier!) it gets hard and quitting is more of an option even though failure always hurts. The discouragement in our own heads can become overwhelming and the goals seemingly unattainable. How do we get through a whole year of hard work when we fail so often?


I want success without the negative feelings.


I have decided this year instead of setting the same old standard ‘goals’ I would set expectations and deadlines.


So, instead of:

Goal 1: Exercise or hike more.

My ‘list’ will look like:

Ready or not, hiking on June 10th.


Instead of:

Goal 2: Be a better mom.

My ‘list’ will look like:

Each day be better than yesterday.


Instead of:

Goal 3: Spend less money

My ‘list’ will look like:

At the end of the year I would like X amount of extra money in the bank.


As my husband and I discuss our ‘goals’ like this they seem so attainable. The small things we can do to achieve the things we want to do are all laid out in the simplest of ways. My expectations and events will be achieved differently. Because, really, is it the working out that’s the goal? Or is it the looking and feeling a certain way? Is it being a better mom that’s the only acceptable result? Or just being a better me than I was yesterday?

  1. Hiking,is not always hard but it requires some physical effort and readiness. We will plan our hike knowing there are some qualifications we need to achieve first. As I think of this event, it is exciting and within our reach without the thought of failure or discouragement. If we keep it in our minds we will remember the things we need to do to make that trip a success.
  2. Being a better mom day by day is almost fail proof. Sometimes trying to get good quality time with each kid, teaching them and making them the best they can be can be is overwhelming. So the way I want to achieve greatness in parenting is just trying to be a bit better than yesterday. That may look like an extra 10 min of reading with my children or it may be 5 min of snuggle time. Every day looks different and unpredictable. I cannot control what’s going to happen or what type of mood we will be in, but I can, every day, do something different than the day before. I will not fail on the bad days because I will improve my downfall tomorrow. Not by over compensating tomorrow, but by just acknowledging I can be better today in a small way and improve or try something different tomorrow.
  3. I want extra in my bank account. This will require saving, but we also have to plan for the unexpected. With our history, we know things just pop up at unexpected times, so for us a goal of a certain amount a month is a bit overwhelming. We know the amount we need for our goal and we have a budget in place that will achieve that goal, but by just making it a blanket amount at the end of the year there will not be failed months, there will be successful months and months where we will try a bit harder to stay on track and reassess along the way. Just by being aware of the things that we want (like a house) we can adjust accordingly without the stress of a monthly target. At the end of the year we will see how well we did without negativity but with success and maybe some alterations for the next year.


I want to be happy this year and successful without feeling an overwhelming weight of goals and expectations that are too difficult. By planning our year accordingly, we have things we are looking forward to, to be excited for. Everyday will be new, full of love, family and improvement. We will have some fun trips planned for the year and a bright future to think about.


When making any type of goals this year keep it simple and truly attainable. We cannot change in a day, week or even a year. We are all still ourselves with the same ideas and thinking as last year. Forget the expectation that this year has to be the year that everything changes, instead let this year be the foundation to next year. Then next year can become one more block to that foundation.



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