Where did you learn that?!?

When my daughter gets angry, she knows that the “naughty chair” (time out) is not a fun place to be so she will tell who ever she is angry at to go sit on the naughty chair. Well the other day we were trying to enforce a rule and she was so upset with us that she turned to me and said, “Mom, go sit on your throw up!” Seriously?! Where did that come from?

At first I laughed and she also thought it was funny so she kept repeating it. What a little stinker.

A little back story on where it may have come from:

We have had the stomach flu over Christmas and she knew that throwing up was not something anyone liked. It is gross. In her little mind she thought that sitting in it would be the worst ever (and I think it would be too).

My husband and I thought about it a bit more and thought of how funny it would be if she said that to other kids. They may end up crying from that insult.

The things that come out of her mouth sometimes are surprising and funny. She is learning all the time and soaking up all that is going on around her which can be a good thing and a bad thing. As parents we have the responsibility to teach and help her learn everything.

For me its sometimes overwhelming.

Of all the ways we teach our kids, I think that being an example is the most effective. It’s easy for people to say “do as I say, not as I do,” but what does that really teach?

This year, let’s be better examples to those around us, especially our kids.

What are some funny things your kids have said? Share below!  


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