I now have a one-year-old; how did that happen?!

I am sure most parents feel the same. One minute you are just bringing life into the world and in the blink of an eye they are grown.


My littlest “love-girl” is one of these little worlds and I am already so impressed with all that she does. Of course, like all babies, they grow and develop at their own rate and every milestone is celebrated. With my girl, she started in this world at a tiny bit of a disadvantage. Being 5 weeks early she had trouble breathing and other small complications that doctors said would hinder her early growth and development. But my little fighter proved them wrong.


She was crawling at 6 months, she was climbing stairs at 8 (still can’t get down, but working on it) and walking by the time she was 10 months.


She is one of the happiest babies I know and she is so patient with her sister.


She is smart and loves people. She is a bit shy, but once she really knows you she will give you this goofy grin every time you enter the room.


We sure love this girl and can’t wait to see what she will become. Happy Birthday my baby girl, you are so loved. 


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