What Women Want (Valentine’s Edition)

I am sure we can all agree that most women can be hard to understand and buy for, so here are the top 4 things all woman really want this Valentines day.

  1. A real break

I’m sure that’s exactly what you expected to hear from an exhausted mom of young children, but its not just me that needs a break. All women need some type of down-time. We are all busy at whatever we do. When we know there is time set aside to be ‘break time’ it really does makes a difference. When we feel that you can handle things and we can take some time for us it really is relaxing.

In my experience when I get a real break (literally having nothing to do), I am reenergized and renewed. I feel like a new woman!

Some may think this is a selfish request, but if you really think about it, it really is for you. What do you think we do when we have more energy? …


  1. A thoughtful act or gift

This thoughtful act may include a gift, and usually should be nothing over the top (but you know your woman best).

When we see the thought you put into something it makes us feel loved and important. Just think for a moment if every birthday, anniversary, or special event you got something you not only wanted or needed, but it was so perfect and had real feelings behind it or an inside joke. How much more special would that be? To know your partner knows you so completely (even if it’s something you keep mentioning) is such an amazing feeling.


  1. Unconditional love (write it down too)

Yes, that’s what this holiday is all about… but is it true?

If you have those feelings of love towards your partner, let them be known. Write something that she will understand as you expressing that unconditional love for her. That you know there are hard times and it does not waver your love.

When you express your feelings in a real and vulnerable manner, the relationship will be strengthened with truth.

Years down the road you can look at the things that you were writing on this day and know that those feelings are real, you can stay strong by re-igniting those feelings by reading what you’ve said. Your future self will thank you.


  1. FlowersAfter all I have already said this may sound silly but don’t forget the flowers. 

    Flowers have so many meanings and symbols behind each one that it may feel silly, but do it. Just buy flowers.When you think of flowers you sometimes think of a first date, meeting the parents or a dinner party. All represent an impression you want to make. Whether they are given on just your normal and average days or special occasions like Valentine’s day, it’s like a renewal of ‘the first’. We feel like we’re back at the dating stage again and things are all anew. We feel special.Flowers mean beauty and in our eyes as women we like to feel that’s the way you see us, like those beautiful flowers you bought.

This is a day of love, real feelings, and starting anew if times are hard. Some people say that love is hard or that it hurts, but the truth is love just takes work. It’s not always easy to know what women want, but at the end of the day we want your love. We want to feel special and like the only girl in the world for you. We want to know that you know us and truly love us.


(P.s. chocolate or snacks won’t hurt either!) 


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