What Men Want (Valentines Edition)

If you think women are confusing you don’t understand the real problem. Men!
Men sometimes have a problem communicating the things they really want. They may tell you it’s a new TV or another expensive gift, but what they really want is you.
I know, crazy to hear sometimes by the way they can act, but it’s true. You are their person.
They need you to be their best friends and confidants. Give them a listening ear. Write a note that says how special they are to you. Even when men have piles and piles of guy friends they still need you to be their number one person. They need a good listening ear. Men need an outlet for real emotions and someone to complain to. Write them a note that says you will be there for them when they are ready for those emotional breaks. They will appreciate your understanding and knowledge that they also needs their emotions acknowledged. 
Greet them with a smile, a hug, and dinner. When my husband comes home after a long day and I have just put the kids to bed, it’s hard to remember that we are both working hard for our family. The days that I greet him with a hug and dinner makes him feel valued and loved. This valentine’s day make a special dinner for him (ship off the kids if you can) and set the stage for a romantic evening, even if that means you end up cuddling on the couch to watching your favourite movie together. This may lead to more…. so don’t forget you can initiate the romance too.
Men need a break too.  They work hard just like we do and need some time to unwind and relax. Plan some time to either be together in this down time or for him to have alone time (some guys may want a boy’s night, but this occasion is not for that). Right now is the time to refocus, renew, and strengthen your relationship together.
Chocolate, or another special gift just for him. Some would say chocolate is just a girl thing, it’s not. Men like chocolate, snacks, and other things that make them feel spoiled as well. Just like women, men love to feel special, loved and important. For your man he may need that special gift or act of kindness. 
By really understanding what men want and adding your deep feelings to the things you give or do, you can change the atmosphere from the ‘sexy’ holiday to a true love day. We all need this time to feel loved and men are no exception. They need us as much as we need them. They need love, understanding, and to know that they are truly appreciated in all that they do. This Valentine’s day set the mood for a renewal of love. Don’t let your love go unspoken and don’t let the pressure of the day overcome the trueness of your relationship.
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