Girls of the snow

Lately there has been so much snow that it has been hard to even get out of the driveway, but finally the sky’s cleared and the world is white and full of fluffy snow.

Yesterday was a day full of sunshine and snow, we decided it was time to take the girls out for a walk with their little sled we just bought. They both love it so much. The 3-year-old holds the 1-year-old and we set off on out little adventure.


Smiling ear to ear they rode. Over the small road bumps and snow. They loved it until…

We got to a part of the path where the snow had been cleared so well it would have wrecked the sled if we walked there too long (sledding right on the pavement/concrete). My husband was pulling the sled and saw that on either immediate side of the path was deep powdery snow. On the left was a big hill, the right was a small patch of rough powder and then another snow covered path. He chose the latter. I was only a few steps behind, but I could seem them starting to become less stable.

I called out to my husband just to slow him down a bit, but it was too late. They had tipped on to the side. It felt like slow motion.

I expected crying right away but as I walked up they just laid there half in the snow. The little one’s face was half in the snow and the big one was still holding on diligently to her sister. No complaining was heard for was seemed a full minute. I was laughing too hard… I wish I had a picture, I probably had time, they didn’t really care.

When we tipped them back up the little one wanted to keep riding but the big girl now had cold hands from the snow (and may have been a bit traumatized).

We were still a little ways away from the house so we told her to put her hands in her pockets to warm them up a bit (she does not like holding hands). She loved that idea and loves pockets so we finished our walk. The little one rode in the sled by herself and loved it.



It was such an amazing outing. I feel so happy to be able to enjoy that family time. That’s what life is all about. Happy family time. Time with those you love and memories that will last. Our kids may not remember the time they tipped over in the sled or how much fun snow can be, but they will remember that we spent time with them doing something.

This week I challenge you to make a memory and write it down. It may seem small and insignificant, but we will never know what others will remember about the time we had together. Make it count.


Let me know how you made a memory this week in the comments. I would love to hear from you.


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