Do All Mothers Feel Average?

In these past months of motherhood I have been feeling very average, as if I just can’t seem to excel at any one thing in particular. Do all mothers feel average?

In talking it through with my husband I have come to the realization that being average is not bad. It may just be the stage in life where everything I do, things like trying to organize a bit, or feeding the kids when my husband is at work, seems to get done but nothing seems to be perfect. It’s like going through the motions and fulfilling the needs is all that is necessary in this moment.

As I look at other women, other mothers, (either on social media or at social events) I find myself comparing my abilities to theirs and finding myself coming up short. It can be discouraging, maybe you’ve been there too. I guess that every single person has different strengths and of course we don’t tend to compare our best abilities to others, so instead we find ourselves coming up short while seeing their strengths.

But I’ve realized that this line of thinking needs to stop! We cannot be the best at everything. Can you imagine if we tried to be the best at everything? We would be so exhausted from all the balls we are juggling that one day they would inevitably come crashing down. I think you start to become an empty shell when you’re so busy trying to please everyone instead of just being a better self every day. That is just not fair to ourselves. We deserve better. We deserve to feel happy where we are at.

Average is just a word, just like age is just a number. I will be happy with who I am, no matter how ‘average’ I might seem. As long as I am better than I was yesterday, I have done good enough.

Do you feel just average in your being a mother or spouse? I would love to hear from you

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One thought on “Do All Mothers Feel Average?

  1. To answer your question… All the YESES! I honestly wonder if there is anyone in this world that does not just feel average. We all have insecurities and struggles with confidence. In my role as a wife, I find myself missing the mark of domestic perfection all of the time. I wish I was a better cook, decorator, laundry doer, pet parent, baker, cleaner, organizer, etc. Basically a better all the things. Maybe being average is what makes us human. Even people who win Olympic silver metals feel disappointed in themselves for not getting a gold. (This is from a social psychology study.) Sometimes I have to remind myself that my husband married an average chick not a perfect one, especially if the chicken is too salty or we are searching for the day’s outfit from a pile of unfolded clean clothes that have been there for weeks. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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