Timing is Everything

Isn’t the timing of things funny sometimes? We think we have everything under control. Life is going just the way we planned. Then ‘BAM’ everything is crazy… but somehow we end up being prepared in the ways we needed to be.
We lived this out over the last few weeks:
Our Family has been doing well the past few months and we were thinking of joining my mom, step dad, and all the siblings on a trip to Disneyland this Christmas. It seemed like the perfect getaway and would be so much fun with the girls. It would cost us a bit of money, but spending time with family seems a better gift than the material things.
Roadblock 1: I found out I was pregnant and would have a 2 month old baby around the time of the trip. My husband and I thought about all the ways we could make it work. It would still be fun with a bit more organization to make it enjoyable for us, the new baby, and the two toddler girls.
Roadblock 2: As we waited and figured out how to make things work with a new baby on the way, my husband got viral meningitis. That hit our finances enough that it pushed the vacation out of the picture for us. It was very disappointing. We had just started to look forward to the trip when we had to decide it was not going to work for us.
As Christmas approached this year we were okay with our decision, but we were still a bit sad we were missing out. My husband had taken off the time so that we could have our own vacation at home, but I started to regret our decision not to join my family on the Disney vacation.
And it just so happens that the day my family left on vacation to Disneyland was the day my whole household came down with a terrible virus that hit our stomachs, our heads, our ears, and our eyes. In that moment, I had some clarity, and I was so happy I did not go on vacation. I was able to be at home and take care of my family. Christmas day came and everyone was feeling better. I know things might not have happened the same, but imagine all 5 of us being sick in another country trying to have a fun whirlwind trip?
As if being super sick on a trip with a new baby would have been bad, things would have been worse if I had needed surgery!
Boxing Day, I had a gallstone attack. After 24 hrs in the hospital (with blood work, scans, and medicine all while my husband was watching all three kids) I had my gallbladder removed. It was a simple surgery with a short recovery. Again I was glad to not be on vacation!
You may think ‘wow that was crazy’, but in some ways we were prepared and it almost seemed like it was meant to be. We made the decision early on not to go on vacation and although it was discouraging we felt okay about it. It is only now that we know why, at the end of the day, we were okay with not going on a vacation.
The timing of things could not have been any better. My husband had the time off, we were in our own country, close to home, and blessed with others around us to help (including, honestly, some angels that brought us food and watched our girls for a while when we needed it most).
I believe that things happen for a reason and at the right time. This is just one example, among many, in my life. I bet if you were to look back on things that happened in your life you would also see this pattern of preparation and see that things happened at just the right time, even when you might not have understood why at the time.
Please share with me your story where the timing didn’t make sense at first, but in hindsight was meant to be.

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