Meditation: Making the Time

Meditating as a busy mom of three has its challenges. The first challenge is finding the right time.
I first thought morning meditation would be the best because all the kids would be sleeping and my husband would be busy getting himself ready for the day. But I already struggle with waking up even 5 minutes before my children, mostly because of being up with my newborn some of the night and then also having my 4-year-old come wake me with nightmares.
Sleep has become as precious as diamonds to me. I NEED SLEEP.
Then, I thought of meditating in the evenings because my husband helps out with the bedtime routine and then all are sleeping (and my husband works on his goals). For a while evenings worked to really meditate, but being a busy mom, evenings are usually the time I plan and prepare for the next day. I found my mediation sessions turning into TO-DO lists, so I had to change it up if I was going to be able to focus better.
I decided that somehow during the day I would have to make it work, so I made my own time. My 2-year-old still naps so I decided to make that a good time for everyone. I set my 4-year-old up with colouring and a puzzle and make sure my newborn’s needs are met. Then I make that time mine. It may be short, but I find that time to work the best. I feel so much better knowing that I still have time to do things that need to get done in the day and that everyone is also able to have time on their own to feel renewed just like me. I am able to destress and renew for the rest of the day. I am feeling successful in my goal.
Even if it only lasts a few minutes I have learned to take some time for me. It has made the days a little less stressful and everyone gets to enjoy a little more relaxed and loving mother and wife. It is worth it.
Try it yourself! I got a 3 minute hourglass that is just enough time to help me cool down if I’m feeling flustered or overwhelmed.
Leave a comment below or email me at and tell me how you did and how you make time for you.

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