Playing Pretend

I’m awed at the way children brains work. Have you ever watched your child play and realize they are role playing exactly what you have taught them? (Or, maybe worse, role playing something you did without realizing they were watching!)
I always assumed that when kids were at play it was all just pretend, all imagination and wishful thinking, but then I really watched them. I saw them take their everyday learning and apply it into pretending.
Some days I sit back and watch my girls cuddle with their dolls much like I cuddled with them.
girl-907931_1920 Shushing them, softly telling them that everything is okay, or hugging and kissing and putting to imaginary bed. I also see that their emotions affect the direction of the way their toys interact. When the kids feel happy and content their little princess would be kind to each other and help each other when they fell down. When the kids feel frustrated and angry any toys they play with are angry and fight with each other. I realized they use the coping abilities we teach them to act out the solutions too.
I think this is why, even though parents have difficult days, it is so worthwhile to be a parent. Everyone has a mother, everyone has a father. If you’re a parent, you have so much of an effect on the minds and souls of your kids. Think of all the great people in the world!  I’m talking about people they write about in the history books. You might be the parent of one of the next.
If you have a moment, and you have small kids, watch them and see what they take away from your examples and your teachings. Children are always learning, so let them play, be a good example, and know that you are doing great!

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